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Posted on 22:48, Sunday, March 22

2011 coming too darn fast.


Oct. 23, 2010:  We're getting close.


September 10, 2009:  On the drawing board...


September 5, 2009:  HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY JOHN...we miss you more than ever.


August  12, 2009:  Spent the week in Scottsdale, AZ at Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp.  Lot of fun watching and meeting Josh White, Jr., the MFQ -1, Reynolds, Shane and Guard, Al Jardine, and all the Campers and Bloodliners...always fun.  John Stewart's vision lives on and is better than ever...THANK YOU JOHN.


March 2009:  Here's the latest: Huell Howser gets Alden's CD at a Ken Burns function in Agoura. Huell was the host and John Hoke was in attendance. They chatted and John gave Hewell "Drinkin' and Drivin" so that he could listen to the track "A Visit with Huell Howser."









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